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With an audience of over 195,000 readers each week, our newspapers have a loyal and dedicated following.

They are among the most effective and trusted brands in the country and our readers look to us for up to date news in their locality. Each of our titles remain in
a household for an average of six days, proving that they are the most read of all publications…that’s an advertiser’s dream!

By choosing to advertise in our publications you are placing your business to the forefront of your target market.

Readership research shows:

  • 81% of people regard local newspapers as best way of finding advertisements on local products and services.
  • 76% of households which regularly purchase a weekly local newspaper.
  • 86% of people rely on their local newspaper for news about their area.
  • 76% of readers regard advertising as one of the most important elements of a local newspaper.
  • 42% of households keep their newspaper for up to SIX day!


Extend your reach: North-West News Group is perfectly situated to put your business on the map.